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Workshop Policies and Practices
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Before hosting a workshop, please review the following policies and practices.

Requesting a Workshop

Workshop Request Form

When requesting to host a workshop with ORPA, please complete a Workshop Request Form (WRF).  This workshop is a standard set of questions that allows the ORPA staff to set up registration and provide promotional materials for your event to our membership.  It also provides a record for use with future workshops and budget estimates.  The request form is mandatory for any workshop or event hosted with the Oregon Recreation and Park Association.

The WRF is due at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Continuing Education Credits

If your workshop qualifies for continued education credits, please specify this in the WRF.  Many workshops hosted by ORPA qualify for credit hours for CPRP and ASLA.  It is up to the certificate holder (attendee) to determine if the credit hours qualify for these two programs.  Attendees will be responsible for tracking their own hours.  We will provide learning objectives to attendees who can utilize those and workshop descriptions to track their own credit hours online.

For certifications other than CPRP and ASLA you may be required to seek approval from the program prior to offering continued education units (CEU).  ORPA will keep track of registration and attendance to act as backup copy in case of CEU audit.

Registration and Promotion

Timeline for Registration

Following your submission of the WRF, please allow 2-4 business days to complete the registration on our website.  An ORPA staff member will then send a link to the registration page to the primary workshop contact for review.

ORPA will handle all registration through our online portal.  We will send two updates following registration opening: one notification halfway through registration identifying head count; one notification two days before the close of registration or event with updated head count.  If we recommend any action on your part, instructions will be included.

Communication Expectations

As part of our ongoing work to continue to provide the best service to our membership, we have implemented communication practices that honor our member's time and interests.  This includes not selling/renting our email lists, not spamming our members or bombarding them with too many emails, and making sure all communication is relevant to the recipient.  Promotions will follow this pattern:

  • Email announcement of event and registration sent only to members of the affiliated section.
  • 6 Weeks prior to event:
    • Event will be published on our social media sites
    • Initial announcement with link to registration sent via email to section members
  • 2-3 weeks prior to event:
    • Detailed spotlight on social media (highlights speaker, presentation, CEUs, etc.)
    • Follow-up and/or "last chance to register" notice sent out via email to section members
  • 24-48 hours prior to event:
    • Logistics email sent to all registered attendees
  • Within 1 week following event:
    • Follow-up with valuable content and call to action

Exact timeline may vary.  ORPA staff reserves the right to adjust timeline based on best practices, avoiding conflicting scheduled communication, and optimal time to send communication.  

Refund Policy

In the summer of 2017 ORPA instituted a refund policy to use across all workshops as specified.  A link to this refund policy is included on the page of all registrations.

The Day Of the Workshop

Name Tags

While some event planners may feel comfortable creating their own name tags for an event, ORPA has been tasked with this process often enough to make it the default.  In conjunction with general registration, ORPA will provide disposable, sticker, name tags for all attendees, including blanks for those who had not registered.  Name tags will include first and last name, job title, and organization/agency.  We can also create name tags for speakers, but will need a list from the event organizer.

Certificate of Completion

Similar to name tags, certificates of completion have become a standard for ORPA events.  They provide a reminder to attendees to log any applicable CEUs, as well as give them something they can show their employer if need-be.  In addition, certificates of completion add to the level of professionalism that ORPA strives to maintain year after year. Event organizers will not need to provide any information; ORPA will generate the names for the certificate based on the registration roster.  Certificates will be distributed at the end of the workshop upon completion of the evaluations.  No blanks will be provided!

Registration List

If the schedule allows, an ORPA staff member will work at the registration desk of the event, greeting attendees and making sure they sign in. This is a critical component of any CEU documentation and allows us to look back on our records for attendance of workshops. This also leaves you free to welcome and network with attendees, or set up the workshop with the presenters. ORPA staff will bring the registration list.  A copy of the list will be provided to you upon request following the workshop.


In order to continue to provide valuable content to our membership (and to gain more members!) we have instituted a standardized evaluation form. The evaluation includes questions related to ORPA as well as the specific workshop. This form will be distributed by ORPA staff at the end of the workshop (ideally, at least 15 minutes prior to the very end) and collected as people leave the workshop on the last day (or end of the only day). ORPA staff will share the evaluation results with the event organizer/primary contact following the workshop.


Follow-Up Communication & Added Benefits

At the end of any workshop, attendees are excited about what they learned and eager to find more ways to engage or learn.  This is a prime opportunity to share resources with our members.  A follow-up email will be constructed by ORPA staff that shares highlights from the workshop, photos if applicable, and includes resources for attendees to download (such as a presenter's slide-deck or handouts).  It will also include a request to join ORPA (if not already a member) or join the section associated with the workshop.

To prepare for this email, please plan on gathering as many resources as possible related to the workshop.

Receipts and Final Budget

All receipts from the event are due to the Association Coordinator following the event.  Please scan all receipts and email to  Receipts will be added to a final budget report that is put together by ORPA.

Final Report

A final report will be put together by OPRA that includes the final budget, evaluation results, an overview of the event and any feedback necessary to continue improvement.  A copy of this report will be sent to the event organizer within one month following the event.


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please don't hesitate to ask.  

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