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Become a Section Leader
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The Oregon Recreation and Park Association does more than provide you with workshops and training, we also facilitate your career growth by offering opportunities to volunteer and serve the greater parks and recreation profession in Oregon.  One of the ways you can develop professionally is by becoming a leader for special interest section within ORPA.

What are Special Interest Sections?

You most likely know them just as "sections" and they are groups within the association focused on delivering resources and training specifically for that field.  Each of the workshops hosted by ORPA each years is organized and executed by at least one of our sections.  Sections have meetings, sometimes formalized boards, develop training and conference sessions, and much more.  

Currently, ORPA has eight (8) sections:


Why Become a Section Leader?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider becoming a leader within a section:

  1. More opportunities to meet other people in your field who work around Oregon
  2. Chance to develop new skills in event planning, budgeting, serving on a board, or coordinating communications from professionals around the state
  3. Reward of seeing your section grow and reach more people
  4. Receive both informal and formal training on leadership
  5. Add your service to your resume as a career builder


What Does it Mean to Be a Section Leader?

Being a leader varies from section to section.  Some sections have formalized boards that elect their leaders, sharing responsibility for work.  Other sections remain more informal, allow people to pitch in as they are comfortable.  Regardless of the setup, your involvement depends entirely on your availability and comfort level.  It is important for you to determine how much time you have to give to meetings and helping plan events or organize resources.  

Section Meetings

Most sections have monthly or quarterly meetings you will be encouraged to attend.  

It is recommended that you reach out to the President of the section you are interested in and request more information regarding what responsibilities the section is looking for help with.  They will likely let you know when the next meeting is going to be.  Section meetings are open to all ORPA members.  Feel free to sit in on a meeting and find out what the section is actively engaged in.

Section Presidents

Those who serve as a president of their section are formally a part of the ORPA board.  This position comes with additional responsibilities which include attending ORPA board meetings every other month.  We recommend someone have some experience serving as a volunteer for section before becoming a section president.


Ready to Learn More?  Next Steps

If you are new to ORPA, or have never served for a section, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Reach out to a section leader and find out when their next meeting takes place.  Plan to attend.
  2. Attend the meeting to learn more about what is involved.  Ask a lot of questions.  Meet new people.
  3. Speak with your manager regarding getting involved with ORPA more deeply.  It helps to have professional support.  While most managers see the value of participation, make a good case for your involvement (see above: Why Become a Section Leader?)
  4. Ask the section President how you can become more involved.
  5. Stay committed!  Let the section President or ORPA staff know what you want to get out of serving so you can make the most of your time with us!

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