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Forum FAQ

Search below for common questions regarding how to use the ORPA Forum.  Don't see an answer or question you are looking for?  Reach out to ORPA Staff for more information.

At this time only those who are logged in with an account can post to the forum.  This includes anyone who is an active member of ORPA, or a non-member affiliate (someone who is not a paying dues member, but who is subscribed to email communication).

You can follow a forum, or a specific thread, but selecting the Subscribe option at the top of the page you want to follow.

To subscribe to a whole forum and get notifications for any new threads or activities of that forum, open the forum you wish to follow.  At the top of the forum click the "Forum Actions" drop down button.  From there, select a subscription preference.

Note: The Forum Action options are only available to those who are logged in.

Subscribe to Instant Updates: This means you will see an email immediately when someone posts to an existing thread or posts a new thread to the forum.

Subscribe to Daily Digest: You will receive an email once per day with all the new threads and comments on this forum.


You can also subscribe to a single thread.  For example, if someone posted a question you would also like an answer to, follow the same instructions above, but while viewing a specific thread.  You will click "Thread Actions" instead of Forum Actions, and the same options will be available.


You can unsubscribe from any thread or forum at any time.  Click "Forum Actions", or "Thread Actions" from any thread or forum you are viewing, and then select "My subscriptions & settings".  This will bring you to a page that shows all your subscriptions.  From there you can unsubscribe or change subscription type.


By participating in the forum, you agree to the ORPA Forum Terms of Use.

You can reach out directly to other members on the forum!  If you want to take a conversation offline, or learn more about the work they are doing, messaging other members is a great way to do it!

Each post or thread comment is accompanied by information of the person who posted.  This will be displayed as the initial of the person's first name, followed by their last name.  Member names are highlighted in green.

To reach out to an individual, hover your mouse over their name in the post or thread.  A pop-up box will appear next to their name with more options.  Select "Message Me".  This will allow you to directly message someone through the ORPA member portal.

From the pop-up box you will also have the option to view their profile, or add them to your list of connections so you can quickly message them again in the future.

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