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ORPA Committees & Groups
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The Oregon Recreation and Park Association is a growing nonprofit whose success is made possible by the dedication and energy of its board and volunteers.  In order to address the various areas of interest by its members, ORPA has several committees.  

Park and recreation professionals across Oregon are encouraged to participate in the following committees.  Each committee has varying levels of responsibility.  Please reach out to ORPA staff to learn more and about how you can get involved.

ORPA Committees

Committees set a goal or agenda and meet during certain times of the year.  Committees are generally responsible for accomplishing a specific task related to ORPA objectives.

  • Awards Committee
  • Conference Committee
  • Content Committee
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
  • Marketing & Communications Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Legislative Committee


The Awards Committee is responsible for establishing and carrying out procedures for the election of officers and directors; and for securing, screening, and presenting awards of recognition for the Association.  This committee is chaired by the ORPA Past-President.  


The Conference Committee is responsible for the organization, promotion, and conduct of the Association's annual conference.  The chair of this committee is an active member of the Board of Directors and appointed by the President each year.


The Content Committee serves to review, assess, and approve all annual conference session proposals and develop the schedule for the ORPA conference.  The Content Committee reviews submissions following the session proposal deadline in the Spring and meets once to vote on and accept session proposals.  The chair of this committee is an active member of the Board of Directors and appointed by the President each year.


The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee is a diverse group of park and recreation professionals pursuing meaningful action toward racial and social equity for all in recreation and park spaces.  Our mission is to enact change by recognizing diversity in our communities, building equitable systems, and providing inclusive spaces and programs.  Learn more >


The Financial Committee explores and recommends means of financing the goals of the Association.  Conducts an annual review of Association's membership dues structure and recommends adjustments.  This committee is limited to the ORPA President, Treasurer, and Association Director. 


The Legislative Committee establishes an on-going informational network for securing response to issues impacting professional park and recreation goals, and develops positions on such issues.  Creates an annual program of legislative education and recommended legislative action.  The chair of this committee is not required to be an active member of the Board of Directors.


Affinity Groups

These groups are made up of interested parties who seek to connect with other professionals and share a common interest or voice.

Unlike Special Interest Sections or Committees, these groups do not require a board member to serve as chair (Article VII, Sec. 1) or provide a representative to serve as a voting member of the Board (Article VI, Sec. 7), respectively.


The Graphic Design Affinity Group is made up of marketing and design professionals who work in parks and recreation.  This group seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Provide networking opportunities for graphic designers
  • Provide educational support for non-graphic designers in charge of design elements
  • Collaborate on projects and help provide support for ideas
  • Work together on a group project to improve skills
  • Share relevant resources


Looking for Special Interest Sections?  These sections are groups of professionals who hold similar job duties.  Learn more about Special Interest Sections.


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