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ORPA Board of Directors Meeting

Natural Resources Section
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ORPA's Natural Resources Section (NRS) is a special interest network for professionals who are responsible for enhancement, management, and long-term viability of natural areas and open spaces. The focus of this group is to promote an environmental stewardship ethic, with emphasis on habitat restoration, management, and protection of ecosystems and natural processes within the framework of conservation biology and open space planning and management.

The Natural Resources Section is led by Tonia Williamson, Natural Resources Coordinator of North Clackamas Park and Recreation  District.  NRS typically provides two workshops per year, one in the spring and one in the fall that are targeted to natural resource professionals. Workshop topics vary based on members' needs and focus on information related to trails, species conservation, wetlands restoration, invasives, and more.

Contact Tonia Williamson to learn more about the Natural Resources Section and to get involved with NRS.


NRS Goals

Our mission is to promote conservation and stewardship of Oregon's natural areas, with an emphasis on protection and restoration of ecosystems, natural processes, and functions, and to provide opportunities for environmental education and compatible outdoor recreation.

Professional Development Goals

Promote Conservation and Stewardship - to promote long-term restoration and stewardship of healthy functioning ecosystems in parks and natural areas, to advocate for their benefits to the public and to influence policy that would advance conservation and stewardship and support for this work.

Integrate Natural Areas and People - to link healthy landscapes and communities through the integration of parks, trails, natural areas, green infrastructure, compatible recreation, and environmental education programs.

Advance Natural Area Management Proficiency and Innovation - to provide professional development and training opportunities in the areas of ecosystem functions, habitat restoration, recreation, and environmental education through the sharing of effective practices and lessons learned.

Collaborate and Partner - to foster an interdisciplinary approach with other ORPA sections, resource managers, jurisdictions, agencies, businesses, non-profits, and landowners.


Events Board Resources Awards




There are currently no upcoming events.  Check back next year.

Past Events


For 2017 there was a workshop in April on managing invasive plants. See below for information and resources presented at the workshop.  There was also a workshop in the Fall, Working with Wildlife: Best Management Practices, available October 25.

In 2016 A Pollinators in Parks Workshop was held to provide information on providing habitat for pollinators. The NRS fall retreat will be held December 13, 2016.

In 2014, the Natural Resources Section offered its spring workshop highlighting trails and other issues at Powell Butte in Portland. The fall NRS workshop was held in October and explored conservation projects in the Eugene area.

In 2013, the NRS spring workshop focused on restoration of Crystal Springs Creek and Westmoreland Park wetlands in Portland. The fall NRS workshop explored recently-completed forest thinning, trail restoration, and natural play area projects at Silver Falls State Park.



Led by Tonia Williamson, the Natural Resource Section Board includes botanists, horticulturalists, natural resource planners, preservationists, ecologists, and others who work to protect and highlight the natural resources of Oregon.

  • Chair: Tonia Williamson
  • At-Large: Jeff Amaral
  • At-Large: Noel Bacheller
  • At-Large: Doug Baer
  • At-Large: Laura Guderyahn
  • At-Large: Peter Guillozet
  • At-Large: Fraser MacDonald
  • At-Large: Shelly Miller (Marketing Manager for NRS)

Become a Section Leader.



At workshops, speakers generously provide valuable information and documents for your use.  Please feel free download any of the following resources by clicking on the name of the document.

Native Plant Materials & Restoration Planting Workshop

The following files are presentation slides from the 2018 Native Plant Materials workshop in Corvallis, OR.  Presenters have generously agreed to share their information with you - feel free to download.

Diverse Native Seed for Planting

Rob Fiegener

Director, Native Seed Network

Herbert Farm and Natural Area 

Peter Moore

Institute for Applied Ecology

Large Scale Planting

Matt Blakely-Smith

Greenbelt Land Trust

Riparian Restoration and Beyond

John Richard Goetz III

Water Resources Project Manager, CleanWater Services





Conserving the Gems of Our Waters

Best Management Practices for Protecting Native Western Freshwater Mussels During Aquatic and Riparian Restoration, Cosntruction, and Land Management Projects and Activities.

By Emilie Blevins, Laura McMullen, Sarina Jepsen, Michele Blackburn, Aimee Code, and Scott Hoffman Black.

Emilie Blevins presented at the 2017 workshop "Working with Wildlife: Best Management Practices", and has generously shared with the Natural Resources Section.

Read more about the Xerces Society and this document.

Download Now

Biological Control of Noxious Weeds in Oregon Brochure Biological Control of Noxious Weeds in Oregon - Brochure  Inpatiens of the PNW Brochure  Inpatiens of the Pacific Northwest - Brochure 
 IPM Guide for Common Weeds Integrated Pest Management Guide for Common Weeds  Noxious Weed Policy and Classification Noxious Weed Policy and Classification System (ODA)
 Integrated Pest Management Policy and Operations Manual Integrated Pest Management Policy and Operations Manual: Pesticide Notification, Posting Policy and Posting Templates Invasive Species BMP Calendar
Clark County Invasive Species BMP Calendar
Communicating with the Public about Pesticides Powerpoint
Communicating with the Public about Pesticides (NPIC) - PowerPoint Communicating Risk of Pesticide Links
Communicating Risk of Pesticides - Links
 Pesticide Resistance Prevention Pesticide Resistance Prevention - What You Can Do    
Beavers: Best Management Practices 
Mussels: Best Management Practices
Native Turtles: Best Management Practices
Nesting Birds: Best Management Practices
 Notice of Emergency Insecticide Notice of Emergency Insecticide Application - Sign  Restoration in Progress Attention Herbicide Application Sign NPIC
 Notice of Herbicide Application Notice of Herbicide Application - Sign

 Notice of Recent Herbicide Notice of Recent Herbicide Application - Sign 
 Notice of Upcoming Herbicide Application Notice of Upcoming Herbicide Application - Sign 
Competitor Modified Vegetable Oil
Competitor Modified Vegetable Oil - Label Element 3A Specialty Herbicide Label
Element 3A Specialty Herbicide - Label
Rodeo Herbicide Label
Rodeo Herbicide - Label Vastlan Herbicide Label
Vastlan Specialty Herbicide - Label




Each year, the Natural Resources Section of ORPA grants three awards.  The qualifications for each are listed below.  Included in your nomination should be a short narrative answering the question listed below the award criteria.  

Deadline: August 31st, 2018


Environmental Fund Donation - $200.00

Criteria for this award:

  • Must be a 'Not For Profit Organization'
  • Must be Oregon-based
  • Must be nominated by an ORPA Natural Resources Member
  • Include a one or two paragraph description (and photos, if possible) answering this question:
    • How does this organization promote Natural Resources Stewardship?

Outstanding Service to Oregon Recreation and Park Association and the Natural Resources Field

Criteria for this award:

  • Nominee may be from the public or private sector
  • Must be a member of the Oregon Recreation and Park Association
  • Must be nominated by an ORPA Natural Resources Member
  • Include a 1-2 paragraph description answering this question: 
    • How does this person demonstrate outstanding leadership in the Oregon Recreation and Park Association and the Natural Resources Section?

Outstanding Contribution to the Natural Resources Field

Criteria for this award:

  • May be from the public or private sector
  • May be a member of the Oregon Recreation and Park Association
  • Must be nominated by an ORPA Natural Resources Member
  • Include a 1-2 paragraph description answering this question:
    • How has this person shown outstanding leadership, innovation, creativity, and/or dedication in the Natural Resources Field?


How to Nominate

Simply send your nomination to Tonia Williamson (NRS Chair) or Amanda Parsons (ORPA Association Coordinator) via email with the following information:

  • Name of the person or organization you are nominating
  • Answer to the question listed in the criteria above.

What Happens Next?

The Natural Resources Section Board will review and vote on winners in each of the categories.  The nominees will be contacted regarding the results by October.  Public announcement and the presenting of the awards will take place at the ORPA Annual Conference during the Natural Resources Section Meeting.

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