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Portable Ozone Cart for Surface Disinfection
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5/27/2020 at 6:35:25 PM GMT
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Portable Ozone Cart for Surface Disinfection

Announcing the Portable Ozone Cart for Surface Disinfection from Neptune-Benson, Evoqua!

Ozone cart systems generate ozonated water, a powerful disinfectant that leaves no residual 
chemical.  Ozone (O3) is commonly used to disinfect surfaces, ridding them of potentially 
harmful microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. 

Ozone is widely used as a disinfectant in food & beverage production, hospitals, and
public spaces such as airplanes, trains, bus stops, markets, etc.  

In aquatics applications, ozonated water is especially useful in providing surface 
disinfection for facilities such as public aquatic centers, university pools, water parks and 
splash pads. 

Ozone doesn't alter the pH or chemical balance of pool water, so overspray is not an issue!

In addition to aquatic venues, ozone has many other potential applications such 
as locker rooms, park benches, play structures and many other recreational areas. 

For more info please contact : Neal Hershey | | 360-502-1665

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